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Moving to California to do Research at NVIDIA

It has been a while since I last updated the website with something interesting. The single reason was that I was waiting for the right time to publish this little article with some of the latest news from my life. 

I remember when I started doing research for my PhD, I had no interest at all in working for companies. As time went by, I did some work with CUDA, Aquila and iCub that got published on NVIDIA website. I said to myself, "Ok, it would be really inspiring to work for NVIDIA one day." I was really fascinated by the computing revolution NVIDIA triggered several years ago when they designed a GPU processor that has now become a disruptive technology that is changing the way we think about computing. This paradigmatic change in computing caused a revolution in so many different domains and NVIDIA's CUDA Community Showcase clearly demonstrates that. Amazing speed-ups (when using GPU vs CPU) were reported from different institutions worldwide that used GPUs for Computational Structural Mechanics, Bio-Informatics and Life Sciences, Medical Imaging, Weather and Space, Data Mining and Analytics, Imaging and Computer Vision, Computational Finance, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Electromagnetics and Electrodynamics, Molecular Dynamics and also Robotics.

Two years ago I published an article named "GPU Based Parallel Computing as an Intermediate Paradigm Before The Age of Quantum Computing"  that you might like, however, better than me talking about the advances that GPUs made, see the video below from NVIDIA GTC 2012 conference where I also presented some of my work. For the complete video click here.

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One morning, several months ago, I checked my inbox and found an offer from NVIDIA saying that they would be interested in having me involved in their research team. I was extremely excited and accepted the offer, which was followed by three separate and nearly one hour long interviews by different NVIDIA researchers.

A few days after the interviews, I received my contract and instructions for applying for VISA. NVIDIA made getting a VISA as easy as possible but despite of that, there were lots of things I had to do in the last moment. For example, the US embassy in London had no appointment for me that would be soon enough. This meant I had to travel to US consulate in Northern Ireland instead. I thought I would never get the VISA on time because many people experience long delays in processing their applications and I had only about one week until I had to flight to California!!! I arrived to the consulate with all the documents I had, even those I did not need. I made an additional effort and printed many other documents I thought could be useful. Basically, I did not want to risk anything. The interview at the consulate took only about 5 minutes. The lady there asked me about my research and at told me that I have made it a long way from being a fish processor to where I am at the moment. Then she told me that I should get the VISA by the end of the week (2days), which was amazing!

Now I am in Santa Clara, California and I love it here. The weather is amazing, the apartment is awesome, too. It's called Old Orchard consisting of many apartments that look like little cottages. I feel like living in a forest because there are so many trees and plants here. Also, it's a great place to chill out since there are two swimming pools here, jacuzzi and gym as well. I can easily travel to San jose or San Francisco by train. NVIDIA is just one mile from here. I brought my aggressive rollerblades with me and plan to skate to NVIDIA and back. I am really excited and cannot wait to start working! I have a really really interesting project that I am going to be working on.

Thanks for reading and keep an eye on here for the follow-up stories :)

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 May 2012 07:36